6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Persian Rugs For Your Home

Persian rugs are a wonderful addition to any space and add a unique style and elegance not found in other rugs. What adds so much character to each rug is that it’s completely hand-knotted using high quality fibers not found in any other type of a handmade rug. Understandably, Persian rugs are not only expensive, but they are often seen as an heirloom investment. With that said, you can find some very affordable Persian Rugs in Toronto if you look carefully – but make sure you know what you’re looking for first! Here are some benefits of investing in Persian rugs for your home.

1. Due to their strong fibers and unique hand-woven features, Persian rugs are often passed through the generations and hold plenty of sentimental value. Not only do these rugs last a lifetime with simple care and maintenance on your part, but they actually accrue in value over time. In fact, not only is your rug a one-of-a-kind addition to your home, but it can endure years of wear and tear as it’s handed down through the generations.

2. There are many unique design trends that you’ll find, but none endure throughout the ages as do Persian rugs. If you make an investment in an high-end rug, you’ll discover that even years from now your rug is very much in fashion and lends a traditional look to your space. To drive this point home, you’ll be happy to know that such rugs have been in use for centuries.

3. Unlike machine-made mass-produced rugs, Persian carpets are not only high quality, but they’re completely handmade. Hand-knotted rugs won’t shed or tear unlike mass-produced carpets you’ll find in trendy stores. Your Persian rug can be gently hand washed at home or professionally clean for optimal results.

4. Most Persian rugs are manufactured using imported wool, and unlike synthetic fibers, they forever remain plush and soft to the touch. You may even find rugs created from a blend of wool and silk fibers to increase their texture.

5. Many people never really consider where their home decor products come from, and the same is often true for the rugs they purchase. Purchasing Persian carpets gives many artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and earn money in a poor country. Most rug companies that you can purchase from online will donate a portion of their proceeds to charities in third world countries where people have trouble finding work.

6. People that suffer from allergies and care about our environment should really consider purchasing Persian rugs. These rugs are not only better and safer for the environment, but they’re better for your health as well. They are colored using all natural dyes, meaning, that fewer allergens and toxins are released into your indoor air.

At first glance, purchasing Persian rugs may seem like an expensive investment, but the reality is that you’re getting so much for your money that it’s worth a second look. You’ll not only put people in third world countries to work, but you’ll hold a piece of art that will last through the generations and add a traditional touch to your home for years to come.

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